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SAFETY | LED Tail Lamps

The Original Mustang tail lamps were dim. They are small, too. Small and dim. Not a good combination. They are hard to see, especially the brake lights. That’s why all Revology Mustangs come standard with LED tail lamps. There are a lot of LED tail lamps out there, and we tested them all. We decided on LEDs made by a company called Vintage LED. These LEDs are almost FIVE TIMES as bright as the original incandescent lamps, and they reach maximum intensity significantly quicker. For a car tr...

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Revology Cars 5/4/2016 Comments(0)

I think it’s fantastic that someone is taking the original Mustang and making it usable for today; the ability of getting up in the morning and starting the car every time will be great. I will always love the looks. It’s nice they haven’t screwed with it as well