CRAFTMANSHIP | The Body Part 1

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Revology Cars use a brand new, Ford-licensed body.  The Mustang does not have a frame, it is a unibody car.  That means it is absolutely critical that the body structure is perfect, especially when you are moving to a high horsepower engine with an upgraded chassis, that will stress the body beyond what it was originally designed to handle.
In our video series "How we build the Revology Mustang", we will take you through why we use a brand new, 100% steel, Ford-licensed unibody.  Check it out! 
Revology Cars 5/4/2016

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I think it’s fantastic that someone is taking the original Mustang and making it usable for today; the ability of getting up in the morning and starting the car every time will be great. I will always love the looks. It’s nice they haven’t screwed with it as well