SAFETY | LED Tail Lamps

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The Original Mustang tail lamps were dim. They are small, too. Small and dim. Not a good combination. They are hard to see, especially the brake lights.  That’s why all Revology Mustangs come standard with LED tail lamps. There are a lot of LED tail lamps out there, and we tested them all. We decided on LEDs made by a company called Vintage LED.

These LEDs are almost FIVE TIMES as bright as the original incandescent lamps, and they reach maximum intensity significantly quicker. For a car traveling 60 mph, the difference in time between the moment the driver applies the brakes and the moment the lamps reach full intensity equates to approximately 30 feet, or about two car lengths. This could mean the avoidance of a serious rear end crash.

While we were at it, we thought it would be cool to add sequential turn signals.

The tail lamps aren’t the only LEDs on the Revology Mustang, in fact, 100% of the lighting, inside and out, is LED. LED lighting is one of many safety features you will find standard on EVERY Revology Mustang.

Check out how these LED lights fits to our Revology Mustang, in our video series "How we build the Revology Mustang" 
Revology Cars 5/4/2016

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