Aeromotive Fuel Tank w/ In-Tank Pump, 200lph

This tank and fuel pump are standard equipment on all Revology Mustangs and Shelbys equipped with the naturally aspirated Coyote or LS3 engines. A must for any 5.0L EFI or Coyote swap! Do not attempt to save money by using an external fuel pump. It will be noisy and fail prematurely, leaving you stranded. The only way to go is with an in-tank pump, and a purpose-built tank. Aeromotive Stealth fuel tanks feature an electric fuel pump mounted to an anodized billet aluminum hanger assembly The 200 lph flow is more than adequate for a 450hp engine. If you need higher fuel pump capacity, check out the 340lph version, P/N 18697. These powdercoated tanks also feature an innovative baffling/tray system to control fuel slosh and keep the fuel pump submerged. Aeromotive Stealth tanks are designed foremost to provide superior EFI street performance with OEM fitment, finish and drivability. This tank includes a Ford 73-10 ohm sending unit, installed Aeromotive 200 Stealth electric fuel pump, billet aluminum fuel pump hanger, bolt-on flanged filler neck adapter, and a 60 degree universal rubber filler neck. Stealth Fuel Tanks are not engineered for competition drag racing or road racing applications where extreme acceleration and cornering will occur with fuel levels lower than 1/2 tank. For racing applications, check out the Fuel Safe fuel safety cell. Stock item.
Product Number: 18698
Price: $795.00
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I think it’s fantastic that someone is taking the original Mustang and making it usable for today; the ability of getting up in the morning and starting the car every time will be great. I will always love the looks. It’s nice they haven’t screwed with it as well