About Revology


At Revology Cars, we obsess over every detail of vehicle integration, development, and testing. We take a measured, scientific approach, using the best practices of the world’s leading automakers in order to deliver a consistent, high quality product to our customers.

We create fun to drive, well-balanced automobiles that artfully blend performance, handling and comfort. Rather than being intimidating, our cars are easy to drive.

Our company is run by highly qualified, well experienced people with a deep-rooted passion for cars. Being a “Revologist” is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle, a statement of who we are.

We strive to create cars that are unique and special, and make people happy.

Having ridden in the car, we can definitely say the Revology machines sound great and perform far better than a classic Mustang with a period-correct powertrain. Moreover, the handling and NVH qualities are vastly better than the vintage hardware we have sampled, even those with newer engine swaps.  Moreover, the car turns and corners better than a classic ever thought it could. Clearly all the work put into hand-building these cars is paying off.