Performance Upgrades

You want improved performance, but you also want your Mustang to be reliable and safe.  Modern technology can transform the way your Mustang runs and drives, but the installation must be done properly.   Don’t take chances.  At Revology Performance, this is what we do all day, every day, so you can be sure it will be built right.   We only install reliable, proven components from the top aftermarket and OEM suppliers.  We buy direct, so you don’t pay a middleman markup. 


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Disc Brakes

Avoid white knuckle stops with modern disc brakes for your classic Pony. We can't say enough how important it is to upgrade your Mustang's brakes. There are many options available, to fit anyone's budget. Don't skimp on brakes! Available with and without power assist.

Air Conditioning

Be cool as well as look cool. A modern Vintage Air system will work better and be more efficient than the original A/C system. We offer our own version, that combines the GenIV system with an OEM underdash evaporator register, for an authentic OEM look with modern A/C performance.

Rack & Pinion Steering

Make your Mustang go where you point it. "Vague" doesn't begin to describe the original Mustang's steering. Have us install a modern rack & pinion and you will want to drive your Pony everywhere. Available with and without power assist.


Hug the road, and it will hug you back. The oxcart-inspired suspension of the original 'Stang was marginal even in 1965. Many upgrades are available, so give us a call to discuss what configuration is best for you.

Wheels & Tires

The single best way to enhance your Pony’s performance and appearance. We have run many, many different wheel and tire packages on Mustangs and can help you select what works best for your application.


From airboxes and intakes to Coyote swaps and superchargers, we’ve got you covered in the horsepower department. Today, you can have twice the power of the original Mustang with perfect drivability and reliability. Hot, cold, humid, dry, high altitude, low altitude, it doesn't matter. Better fuel economy, too.


Modern 5- and 6-speed and electronically controlled automatics. Fewer RPMs on the highway means better fuel economy and less noise. Hydraulic clutches give your left knee a break, while electronic transmission controllers deliver smooth automatic shifts.


Be sure the driveline can handle your engine modifications. We can hook you up with a bulletproof driveline that can take whatever you can dish out.

Power Windows

Add modern convenience and amaze the girl at the Chik-Fil-A drive thru. It looks like a crank handle, but no! Push it, and the window goes down. Pull it, and the window goes up. Grown men and women can entertain themselves for hours with this.

LED Lighting

See and be seen. Essential for safety, and looks cool too. For example, our LED stop lamps light up five times as quickly as incandescent bulbs do. At 60 mph, that equates to 30 feet, or two car lengths, of additional stopping distance. That could mean the avoidance of a rear end collision.


From soft burble to all-out sonic chaos, get your V8 music here. Our exhausts are made by Borla, the top name in the muscle car exhaust world. Not only tuned for performance, they also feature awesome sound quality.

Coupe To Fastback Conversion

Give your coupe an extreme makeover. There are not many fastbacks left, and many owners think they are sitting on gold mines. Who needs them? Get a nice coupe for chump change, and let us turn it into a fastback for you.

Entertainment Systems

From vintage look to touch screen, and everything in between. We integrate the modern systems so well, it looks as if the car was built that way.

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I think it’s fantastic that someone is taking the original Mustang and making it usable for today; the ability of getting up in the morning and starting the car every time will be great. I will always love the looks. It’s nice they haven’t screwed with it as well