Wilwood Front Disc Brake Kit, 12.19", 4P, TCI-IFS, Revology Mustang

This kit features the same front brake components used on the Revology 1966 K-GT Mustangs, and is our "go-to" brake kit for performance street applications. It is designed to provide significantly improved stopping power, without costing a fortune. For use with 16" and larger wheels, this kit features Wilwood 12.19" front rotors, Dynalite four piston calipers, caliper brackets and nutserts. The Forged Dynalite-M is one of the strongest calipers in the class, yet weighing as little as 2.80 pounds. The process of stress-flow forging re-aligns the metal's grain structure within the contour of the caliper body. This process eliminates the breaks and interruptions to the internal grain structure that occur when machining a straight block billet. The FEA generated radial transition design eliminates steps and shoulders in the area between the piston housing body and the caliper bridges. Incorporating a radius in this transition area substantially increases resistance to deflection and caliper separation under load. Structural deflection and volume displacement tests have proven the Forged Dynalite to outperform all existing styles of this popular caliper size. Without even considering the overall greater strength and reliability of the forging, the reduced deflection tendencies and the resulting decrease in fluid volume displacement translate to increased clamping efficiency with less pedal travel. The bottom line is a taller pedal and better stopping power. Front flexlines (220-8307) and spindle nuts (370-10090) available separately. P/N AA50-2000-K is designed for use with the TCI independent front suspension; however, it can configured for other front suspension designs as well. Also available with slotted or slotted and cross-drilled rotors, and calipers in red, blue, yellow, or silver. Stock item. Unique configurations must be special ordered, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Product Number: AA50-1110-K
Price: $1,195.00
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Having ridden in the car, we can definitely say the Revology machines sound great and perform far better than a classic Mustang with a period-correct powertrain. Moreover, the handling and NVH qualities are vastly better than the vintage hardware we have sampled, even those with newer engine swaps.  Moreover, the car turns and corners better than a classic ever thought it could. Clearly all the work put into hand-building these cars is paying off.