Revology Performance offers expert fabrication, body, and paint work for your restoration. Whether it is a minor freshening or a complete restoration you are looking for, our body and paint team can handle it. We can do rust repair, metal work, and paint work on any car, not just Mustangs. Race cars, too!


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Rust Repair

Let us replace your rusted and bondoed panels with new reproduction steel panels. New steel will last longer, perform better, and be safer. It will also improve the value of your Mustang. The important thing is that this work be done RIGHT. Nobody knows how to repair vintage car bodies better than our in-house body and fabrication team.


Many of the parts used in the Revology Mustangs are made in-house by our fabricators. Doing an engine swap? Building a race car? Come see us! If you can dream it, our expert fabricators can build it.

Paint & Body

Look no further than the show-quality paint on Revology Mustangs and Shelbys to see what we can do in this area.  Want to recreate the original "orange peel" and runs on your restoration? Sorry, we don't do that!  But we can recommend some guys who do.  
We think what Revology Cars is doing is fresh and innovative. We like that they leverage modern technology to make significant functional improvements while at the same time remaining faithful to the original Shelby design aesthetic.